Our Philosophy

At Graceful Heritage our job is caring. We deliver care based on the 10 principles below:

  1. To provide the highest quality of person-centred care and in so doing preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all our residents within the warm and caring atmosphere.
  2. To enhance the quality of life by providing a secure, comfortable and supportive environment whilst providing a standard of individual psychological and physical care, this ensures that each resident is as happy and contented and remains as independent as possible.
  3. To stimulate and maintain physical and psychological activities by setting realistic targets and encouraging Residents to participate in the decision making in an attempt to reach these targets.
  4. To ensure each residents right to personal choice is maintained especially in relation to clothes, diet and activities.
  5. To encourage residents to care for themselves where they are willing and able, and to regularly update care plans to take account of this.
  6. To ensure that each resident is treated as an individual and that others respect his or her dignity, irrespective of any disability or frailty.
  7. To maintain each resident’s right to privacy by ensuring all staff knock before entering a room.
  8. To maintain each resident’s right to be consulted in any proposed changes to daily living arrangements and to encourage their participation in making suggestions and decision making.
  9. To ensure each resident has the right to socialise with the community at large by encouraging them to invite family, friends and acquaintances into our care home.
  10. To maintain each resident’s right to have their political, religious and emotional needs accepted and respected.
Aims and Objectives

Our principle aim is to provide the highest quality of care, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment where individuality, dignity and quality of life are paramount to the residents. The following principles help provide guidelines for the home to fulfil our aims.

PRIVACY:     The right of a Resident to be valued, undisturbed whenever they wish.

DIGNITY:      The understanding of a Residents needs and treating them with respect.

INDEPENDENCE:  Allowing a Resident to take calculated risks, to make their own decisions  think and act for themselves.

CHOICE: Giving a Resident the opportunity to select from a range of alternative options.

RIGHTS:   Keeping all basic human rights available to the Resident.

FULFILMENT:  Enabling the Resident to realise their own aims and helping them to achieve these goals in all aspects of daily living.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a method of regular and systematic monitoring and evaluation of different areas of a service provision to improve the quality and standards of lives of the individuals who use our service.

Our service is regularly monitored and assessed, both internally by our senior management team and by external regulators within the Ministry of Health.

Optimum quality assurance will be achieved within a framework of equality and values that promote the rights and desires of our service users.

Quality Assurance Methods
  • Monitoring Framework
  • Complement and Complaints monitoring
  • Stakeholders (carers, advocates and professionals) feedback/survey forms
  • Staff survey form (Team meetings, training, supervision and appraisals)
  • Fire & General Workplace Risk Assessments
  • Regular reviews and update of policies and procedure
  • Incident & Accident reporting
  • Pre-employments checks