Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are you an NGO?

A: No, we are not a Non – Governmental Organisation. We are a private limited liability company registered in Nigeria.

Q2: Are you a nursing home or hospice?

A: No, we are not a nursing home or hospice. We are a residential care home. A nursing home is a home providing residential accommodation for elderly people with nursing needs i.e. they have care needs which needs the attention of a nurse daily or round the clock. A qualified state registered nurse is usually on duty 24hours in a nursing home.

A hospice is a home providing care for the sick and terminally ill.

Hope Villa is a residential care home for elderly who needs long term care staying in our accommodation rather in their own home or living with relatives.

Q3: Can you care for everyone?

A: Yes we can care for everyone but not the following people who:

  1. Are acutely ill
  2.  Currently have a contagious disease
  3. Are lucky enough to be below the age of 60
  4. Require palliative home care services
  5. Require hospice care services

We would however be happy to see how we can help you. Click here to tell us how best we can support you.

Q4: What is your process of admission?

A: Our care home is open to admission to individuals for day-care and long-term care. Admissions to the care home must be adequately planned.  Following an enquiry, a visit is arranged for the individual and or the family to view the home at first and to ensure the placement and the environment will be suitable in meeting the individuals need, pay the pay the assessment fee and then the Care Home Manager carries out a pre-admission assessment. Please see “Living With Us” section for more details.

Q5: How do you determine your fees?

A: Our fee is determined by the care level and choice of room either shared or private. Some factors that are considered when assessing a care level are as follows: Please note this list is not exhaustive:

  • Mobility Level:
    • Is the person independent, walking with stick / zimmer frame, wheelchair for transfer or non-weight bearing therefore needs hoist.
  • Tissue Viability:
    • Healthy skin or presence of pressure sore / ulcers Grade 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Toileting support:
    • Either continent or incontinent. Single incontinence or doubly incontinence
  • Personal Care Assistance:
    • Level of assistance needed for personal hygiene, Independent
    • Number of staff required for personal care
  • Mental Health Awareness:
    • Orientation / Memory / Confusion / Mood
  • History of falls / Wanders / Unsafe if unsupervised
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Specific Medication used / Quantity / Frequency
  • Medical History:
    • Neurological Conditions such as Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis
    • Circulatory conditions such as Diabetes, Stroke, Kidney Disease, Heart Conditions, Hypertension
    • Current specialist input. MHT (Mental Health Team), SALT (Speech And Language Therapy), Physiotherapist, Dietician, Wound Management Team

Q6: Do you charge for this assessment?

A: Yes, our assessment fee is ₦75,000. This covers all (seven) blood tests (Haematology, Kidney Function, Liver Function, Lipid Profile, Diabetes [diagnosis or follow-up], and Hepatitis), (2) Urinalysis and (3)  COVID-19 test. There would be no extra charges incurred if the individual is based in Ibadan or environs, however, there would be additional charges incurred if the potential service user is based outside of Ibadan and we have to travel to them, but our charges are reasonable.

Q7: How many people in a room?

A: Our ten-room property has rooms for single occupancy, as well as larger rooms for double occupancy.

Q8: Would it be a shared bathroom or toilet?

A: No, occupants of single rooms do not share their toilet and bathroom facilities with anyone. All our rooms are en-suite but in double rooms only the two people in same room share the same toilet and bathroom facilities. All our bathrooms have been fitted to provide wet room facilities and have shower chairs which provide full body support.

Q9: Are you able to care for an individual who is diabetic?

A: Yes, our staffs are trained in the care and management of diabetes. We are able to monitor their blood sugar and provide for their dietary needs. A foot practitioner/podiatrist visits every 2 months for a check –up as well.

Q10: How would you be able to meet resident religious needs?

A: For Christians, a visiting pastor attends the home on a weekly basis. Residents can attend a church of their own choosing as long as a risk assessment deem it safe. If required a carer may escort and all other expenses (such as transportation fee) has to be met by the resident.

Muslim residents can practice in their room in private as often as required in the day.

Q11: What do the residents do at the care home?

A: We offer a variety of activities daily as a group or on a one-to-one basis. Activities includes reminiscence, Ludo, Mancala (Ayo Olopon), dancing, singing, draught/checkers, watching movies, cookery, arts and crafts, exercise, walk-about and themed days out. We do hope you will join in some activities and events that happen regularly. We have weekly schedule of planned activities displayed at the home.

Q12: What types of meals would the residents be eating?

A: To keep our residents healthy and happy, we provide quality nutritious meal. We offer a variety of meals and our menus are tailored for every taste, dietary and cultural requirement. Please check the “Dining and Nutrition” section for more details

Q13: What are the medical facilities available?

A: We do not have a medical facility. We are providing care for individuals in our care home who can no longer live on their own or just want company of others. Our residents are not sick people. We provide holistic care working with other professionals who visit as often as required such as dentist, nutritionist, opticians, podiatrist, nurses, doctors and other specialist such as physiotherapists. We do however have the appropriate trained staffs and various medical equipment which enable us carry out tasks safely and efficiently. A local competent hospital which is only about 5 minutes’ drive away is at our disposal in case of emergencies.

Q14: How would individual personal care be met?

A: All care is delivered by trained staff following protocols detailed in the established care plans. Please see “Living With US section

Q15: How do I know what is going on with my relative at the care home?

A: Relatives or Next of Kin would be informed of emergencies without delay however, an update would be forwarded to the nominated person by email every month.

Q16: Are there specific times for visiting the care home?

A:. There are no restrictions to when you can visit your loved one and no appointment is needed however in the instance where we have other activities planned, we suggest you call the care home to check before setting off. When visiting, we ask that mealtimes are avoided. Breakfast 7am – 9am; Lunch 12pm – 2pm; Supper/Dinner 6pm – 7.30pm. No visits after 6pm as residents are being prepared for bed after their meal.

Q17: What form of security do you have?

A:Our premises is gated and watched attentively by professional security guards on site 24 hours. The property is also protected and monitored by round the clock CCTV camera system.

Q18: My relative does not want to leave their home, can your offer care in their own home?

A: Yes, that is called domiciliary care. We can supply trained staff to support people who still live in their own homes but require additional support with household tasks, personal care or any other activity that allows them to maintain their independence and quality of life. At present, we are only able to offer this service in selected areas. Please check the ‘Care At Home’ section of the website for more details.

Q19: What are your charges?

A: Our monthly charges range is N180,000 – N260,000 per month depending on level of care and type of room required. Please check the “Living With Us” section for more details.

Daycare – N3000 per day    Attendance from 9am – 5pm
Daytime care provided Meals X 2 Activities

Short stay (Respite) Weekly Cost

N45,000 N50,000 N55,000
PRIVATE ROOM N65,000 N70,000 N75,000

Long Term (Permanent) Monthly Cost

SHARED ROOM N180,000 N190,000 N210,000
PRIVATE ROOM N190,000 N210,000 N230,000

Q20: What do the fees include and are there any additional costs?

A: Please check the “Living With Us” section for more details.

Q21: Can a resident leave the home to go out on their own or with family and friends?

A: Yes, if deemed safe by a risk assessment. Should a resident wish to go out on their own they simply need to let the Home Manager know of your whereabouts and sign themselves out in case we have a fire drill so that we know who is in the building. We strongly encourage relatives to be involved and take the resident out for a meal, social event, or to the local shops. and amenities.

Q22: What happens when someone passes away?

A: Although this is something we do not like to talk about, the law of nature has already predetermined an end for everyone. Upon death of a resident, a doctor is called to attend the care home and certify the death. At the same time, the family is informed. The appointed funeral director is informed, and the deceased is removed following the instruction of the family or/and wishes of the deceased made known before death.

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